Monday, June 27, 2011

Many deny God's Word

2 Choices: heaven or hell

.....I show to you Rev.3:20 the door is your heart,Jesus stands at the door of your heart knocking..if anyone hears My hearing or reading and believing ,opening the door is asking Jesus to come in and dwell in you,to be Lord over your life..
........If you are Born again a brand new Spirit in Christ,and your earth body dies,Jesus will receive your born again Spirit to everlasting life John14:2,3 are pictures of your choice...heaven with Father God (Elohim)Thru Christ the Lamb of God,your perfect Once and for all sacrifice 1Cor.5:7..Pictures show Christ coming for us His own who have chosen Him now....
.....Other pictures show to you hell's fire..souls screaming,wailing ,they are so sorry and want to get out,but they cannot ever get out...see hell is everlasting,meaning (eternally) separated away from God who is your life See Mark9:45 onward..gnashing of teeth,represents crying,screaming,wailing..Fire not Ever quenched...meaning your sins follow you,all of your lusts,desires,addcitions etc..magnified thousands of times,worm will not die,your desires craved,never fulfilled.
.....Rev.20:12,13 no 2nd chances after you die..your sins(works) follow you & you will be judged by them (Hell and the lake of fire)
....See,you will not ever ever see life again.
...God resurrects all death and hell and judges it all,casting it all into the lake of fire Rev.20:10-14
.....Mat 16:19 And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. (meaning,now you can cast out demons in Jesus' Name who is dwelling in you..cast out all sickness in Jesus' is already done in heaven..all you need to do is serve God by laying on hands,casting out devils and touching in prayer and God will heal.
.....Now you can preach to lost souls,reaching the lost for Christ..He is in you and we are the Body of Christ.We are the temple of God and He dwells in us 1Cor.3:16...Christ dwells in us Col.1:27..Holy Spirit is in us ,seals us to the day of our redemption Eph.1:13,14
.........Choosing Christ,believing in your heart,He is the Son of God..that He came to earth laid down His Life for you,shed His Blood for you..confessing Jesus Christ to the World with your mouth,is the Key to everlasting life.The keys are spiritual Keys
......The cross..Jesus paid it all for you,so you do not have to suffer hell(grave) and the lake of fire...By His finished Work on the cross...your chains can be broken..set free,delivered from all evil,sin death & the lake of fire.
.....Best of all,you have free choice..God never forces anyone to believe...that is Choice..Religion forces you Matt.23,but Religion makes you think she can save you and she cannot save herself..Satan also forces you..God will not force you you have a choice to make.
...I pray you do not wait ,because time is short and running out..Ex.20 is God's 10 commandments to live by
..1Cor.6:9,10 are the abominations against God we all have to repent away from unto Father God thru Christ by His Spirit and shed Blood.1John1:9,10 confess all sins to Father God and be forgiven by God.Man cannot ever forgive you of sins Jesus ChristEph 1:7 In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace;
.......Pictures speak a thousand words...better then we can say it.
....I shared each picture
...oh yes..the Rapture (Caught up) if you are born again (John3:3 and John14:6),cleansed in His soul cleansing Blood from all unrighteousness,sealed by His Spirit and are thru Christ by His Spirit walking in obedience ,love and worship of Father God(Why we are born again)(2Cor.5:19)and you are alive here on this earth when Christ will come for us *(His Church,His Bride) we will be caught up to meet our Lord in the air..He will bring all that are already there with Him to get us,so scripture says we cannot prevent them(Go ahead of them) they are already there..religion will tell you ,bodies are in graves waiting to be resurrected ,Wrong John14:2,3/resurrection to life when our earth body will die..Here is the rapture of God's Church..the Bride of Christ!! 1Thess.4:13-17
**** Being Born again is spiritual..our first birth is physical via water of the we need a 2nd birth (to be born again or rebirth)Spiritual,of the Spirit and by God :John 1:13 Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.
*****Matt.23 is all about religion, it cannot save anybody.Only God saves thru Chrfist by the Power of His shed Blood.....all you need to do is believe and Receive Christ as Lord over your life and walk with Father God ...amen
#1 Picture is Jesus knocking on the Door of Your heart
#2 picture Jesus coming for us,on a white horse (rapture) or Caught up
#3 The Cross click on the x
#4 picture heaven
#5 Picture of of the lake of fire too
#6 picture is of the rapture or being Caught up
#7 yes only Jesus can set you free
#8 Picture Jesus is your key to heaven and everlasting life(to heaven)
#9 picture of Jesus the Lamb and the Lion
#10 picture of heaven
Jesus Knocking at the Door of Your Heart

First I will share scriptures first followed by Pictures,,both heaven and hell
Choose Life in Christ ,have everlasting life with Father God(Elohim)in God's Kingdom..New Jerusalem above (Spiritual) We are Spirit in God's Image,God is Spirit John4:24
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